The artists that gave life to Navigram met in an activation at colleges and malls.
The activity consisted in drawing a cartoon of every attendee that wanted to.

Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Oviedo
General Creative Director: Chacho Cabrera
Associate Creative Director: Marco Tapia
Art Directors: Diego Benítez / Lorena Lozada
Copywriters: Marco Tapia / Juan Pablo Pesantez / Belén Páliz
Graphic Designers: Jonathan Saavedra / Jorge Miquilema / Pablo Villalba
Content Manager: Gabriela Moreano
Illustrators: Cristina Román / Abel Barriga /Javier Fuentes /
Fabricio Ulloa / Christian Chulde
Account Director: Gabriela Troya
Account Supervisor: Gabriela Montesdeoca 
Agency Production Director: Mauricio Alarcón
Agency Executive Producer: Diego Valencia
Production Company: Ramona
Post-production Company: Apus
Photography and Retouching: Tibutrónico​​​​​​​