When people ask about you, it’s a sort of awkward to explain, especially if you don’t want to looks crazy. 
My name is Abel Barriga, and I am the owner of DESMUN CUBIC (Despeinando un mundo cúbico), which translates to "messing up a cubic world" in English. As an Ecuadorian digital artist, I have a deep passion for all forms of art, whether it be traditional or digital, 3D or 2D, animation, or music. Art has always been my driving force, pushing me to constantly seek new knowledge and improve my skills every day.
I have been working as a freelancer for several years now, and throughout my experience in the design industry, I have learned the importance of both learning and teaching. This simple phrase, "everybody has something to learn and everybody has something to teach," has become a mantra for me, reminding me to remain professional, respectful, and appreciative of my teammates. I understand the value of teamwork and the importance of putting others' opinions before my own ego.
One of my greatest passions in art is the work of Max Fleischer and Walt Disney, particularly their use of the rubber hose style in animation. I have made it a personal goal to bring this iconic style to life in my own work, blending it with modern techniques and technologies to create something truly unique.
As an autodidact artist, all of my skills and knowledge have been self-taught, building upon the foundation set by my teachers. I am a cheerful and dedicated individual with a strong character, always willing to learn new tools, software, workflows, or techniques to better myself and my work. Adapting to new challenges is never a problem for me, and I am always eager to take on new projects and collaborate with others in the industry.