When people ask about you, it’s a sort of awkward to explain, especially if you don’t want to looks crazy. 
My name is Abel Barriga, owner of Desmun Cubic (Despeinando un mundo cúbico) which in english means (messing up a cubic world). I am an Ecuadorian digital artist who actually works freelancer and I love art. It doesn’t matter if it is digital art, traditional art, 3D or 2D, animation or music. Simply I love art. And that passion was always motivating me to be pushing my limits and be always looking for more knowledge and improve every day like an artist. One of the more important things that I have learned with my years of experience in the design industry is that “everybody has something to learn and everybody has something to teach” this simply phrase works like a mantra for me, because this help me to be more profesional and respectful with my teammates; also, to have more appreciation for teamwork and always putting my ego before the other people’s opinions. I am an autodidact artista, all of my skills that I have development were by myself and starting from the bases that my teachers gave me. I am cheerful, with strong character, dedicated to my job and most importantly: I am adaptable. Learning new tools, software, workflows or techniques were never a problem for me.